Campaign to get Julia Margaret Cameron on £20 note

Local Newport /councillor, Julie Jones-Evans, has started a campaign calling for pioneering Isle of Wight photographer Julia Margaret Cameron to appear on the new £20 notes. 

Julie, who owns Dragonfly in St James’s Street, Newport, said: "She was inspirational. She was 48 years old before she picked up a camera and she became a ground-breaking photographer.

"She has a massive Isle of Wight connection with her home Dimbola, which still actively exhibits photographers from around the world. Also it would have been her 200th birthday on June 11."

Julie and Tracy, who are calling on everyone to nominate Julia Margaret Cameron on the Bank of England website, have promoted their campaign with a Facebook page and a Twitter hashtag of #JMC20.

They have already received support from London, Cornwall and even Hong Kong, while BBC arts correspondent Will Gompertz has also called for Julia Margaret Cameron to appear on the notes.

Julie said she would raise the campaign at Newport Parish Council, and would put in a motion at the Isle of Wight Council meeting in June, calling for it to support the nomination.

She added: "Just imagine if she was on the £20 note. Everyone in the country would have the Island in their pocket. It would be amazing for our tourist economy."

To make a nomination, visi find out more about the campaign at

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