Heart of the Island for Nightlife


Heart of the Island for nightlife...

Newport has an array of pubs, bars and restaurants. The lower end of the High Street attracts the younger crowd - with Yates, Hogshead and The William Coppin (Weatherspoons). All have deals on food and drinks. The Hogshead features regular live bands and a DJ at weekends. Yates and The WIlliam Coppin both have dance floors with DJs and are open into the early hours over weekends.

The Quay Arts Centre is one of the best venues for live events on the Island. With comedy evenings, live music and theatre, featuring acts/artists from Isle of WIght and beyond.

As well as the modern venues, Newport is home to a number of more traditional pubs. The Castle is Newport's oldest pub and has local live musicians and bands each weekend.

For a quieter evening, the Cineworld complex has several screens, always with a good number of films to choose from.