Newport Business Association

Newport Business Association is a group of local businesses who work together to benefit the whole town. Our work focusses on a range of initiatives ranging from marketing and promotion to working with the Isle of Wight Council and others on community projects and other issues that impact on local businesses - from car parking to rubbish collections. We see Newport as the County Town and also the Heart of the Island - for commerce, entertainment, eating out, shopping and the arts. 

If you have a business in Newport then we'd love you to join us. This can be done by simply completing an aplication form, which can be downloaded here.

You can view the minutes from the Newport Business Asssociation meetings below:


July 2016


September 2015


September 2014
May 2014


August 2013
July 2013
June 2013


If you'd like to join the Newport Business Association, please fill out this application form.